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Collect & Store Data

Tierion makes it easy to collect and store data from web and mobile applications. Simply create a datastore and send us data via our REST API or HTML forms. If you can make a web page, you can collect data with Tierion.

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Blockchain Receipt

Tierion generates a blockchain receipt for each record, which provides irrefutable proof that your data was recorded in the Bitcoin blockchain. Anyone with this receipt can verify the timestamp and contents of the record. For instance, an insurance company could use Tierion to collect claims data and issue a blockchain receipt. This gives both parties a verifiable record of the time and content of the initial claim — reducing errors, fraud, and the cost of auditing claims.

We’ve pioneered an open standard for recording data in the Bitcoin blockchain and generating blockchain receipts called Chainpoint.

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Integrate with 500+ Apps

Zapier lets Tierion connect to over five hundred online services such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Gmail, Slack, Google Sheets, and many others. Collect data with Tierion and send it to other apps, or use Zapier to send data from your other apps to Tierion.

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Issue Digital Receipts

Proof of any transaction. Purchases, stock trades, insurance claims.

Audit Trail

Create an immutable audit trail. Track data provenance and processes.

Integrate Your Software

Integrate with existing web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Collect & Store IoT Data

Capture data from various connected devices. Every record gets a blockchain receipt.

Immutable Records

Medical records, financial records, corporate governance, legal records, inventory management.

Secure Customer Data

Create a verifiable record of customer data. Reduce KYC and compliance costs.

Scaleable & Secure

Tierion is the first cloud platform capable of recording millions of records in the Bitcoin blockchain. Each record gets a blockchain receipt, which can be used to verify it was created at a specific time and remains unaltered.

Blockchain receipts are portable. You can use Tierion to generate a blockchain receipt and pass it along to another system. That system will be able to verify the receipt without interacting with Tierion.

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